In every Catholic parish, a diverse array of ministries plays a crucial role in shaping the vibrant life of the community. These ministries, ranging from liturgical roles to social outreach initiatives and prayer groups, collectively form the backbone of spiritual growth and communal support. Together, they embody the Catholic principles of service, stewardship, and shared faith, contributing to the rich tapestry of parish life.


The proximity between Christ and the disciple who, after praying fervently the day before the crucifixion, fell asleep, creating only a stone’s throw away distance underscores a marked distinction in their spiritual states. The Guru’s teachings, when contemplated upon, are envisioned to manifest into tangible guidance for the disciples. It is asserted that seeking with earnestness will result in the attainment of one’s desired goals, and obstacles will be overcome. As individuals begin to inquire, a profound life unfolds, offering myriad answers to the children’s inquiries about God.

Within our Sunday School, 19 dedicated faith trainers facilitate the spiritual development of 315 children, comprising 169 boys and 146 girls, organized into 13 divisions. Recognizing excellence, scholarships are awarded to the top-performing students in each class. During the 50-day Lenten period, children attending Holy Mass daily were rewarded with gifts. To nurture creativity, art competitions were conducted in four groups, while a Bible quiz, held every Sunday, prepared children for the Logos quiz competition. Faith training sessions commence at 9:15 AM and extend until 12:40 PM on Sundays, encompassing a holistic approach to spiritual education.


In adherence to a century-old tradition, the All Kerala Catholic Congress (AKCC) unit operates seamlessly within the Parish, epitomizing excellence within the Diocese through its sustained commitment to fostering social, cultural, educational, and economic advancement for the parish community and the nation.

During the unprecedented challenges posed by the Covid pandemic, AKCC members emerged as frontline warriors, engaging in unparalleled service activities such as providing preventive medicine, food parcels, and ambulance services. The organization extends educational support to economically disadvantaged children, orchestrating love feasts and distributing food grains in old-age homes and children’s shelters on festive occasions.

Successful endeavors include the establishment of agricultural associations and the revitalization of young farmers by supplying seedlings and seeds, contributing to a revival of agriculture. Positioned as the voice of the church, AKCC stands resolutely for the spiritual and material growth of the parish community, embodying a steadfast commitment to service and progress.

CML (Mission League)
CML (Mission League)

The ​Cherupushpam Mission League (CML), also known as Mission League, stands as the largest spiritual organization in Asia, dedicated to fulfilling the prophetic vision of Blessed Pope XIII – “the salvation of India is in your children.” Established in 1947 during the blessed era of Saint Alphonsamma, the apostolic efforts were spearheaded by Rev. Joseph Maliparampil and Sri PC Abraham Pallatkunnel (Kunjettan), with the approval of Mar James Kalassery, the Bishop of Changanassery.

Formally inaugurated on October 3, 1947, by Bishop Thomas Tharayil of the Diocese of Kottayam at Alphonsa Nagar in Bharanganam, the Mission League adopted the virtues of Love, Sacrifice, Service, and Saphanam as its guiding motto. Since its inception, our parish has actively engaged in Mission League activities, focusing on fostering personality development and instilling a sense of purpose in children. In 1949, Maringhattupally Parish proudly became the second and eighth branch of the Cherupushpam mission League.

Aligned with the League’s principles, various Karma projects have been implemented to contribute positively to our community. As we commemorate the 1950th anniversary of the martyrdom of Marthoma Shliha and the 75th anniversary of the Mission League this year, let us be inspired by the vision of Thomas Shliha. May we passionately embrace the ethos of boldly declaring, “we too can go and die with him,” meditating on the innocence and faith of the little ones who aspire to be instruments in the hands of Jesus​.

St. Vincent De Paul Society

Founded in 1853 by the young Fédéric Naam and his companions in response to the challenges posed against God and religion after the French Revolution of 1889, the primary mission of this organization is to ensure eternal salvation for both themselves and others. Embodying the principles of God’s dependence and human dignity, the organization, named the St. Vincent de Paul Society, takes inspiration from a saint known for his love and mercy toward the marginalized.

On August 28, 1947,​ the society was inaugurated in Maringattupill​y Parish. A significant aspect of its contribution lies in the clandestine collection during active members’ meetings, as well as the generous contributions from auxiliary members and parishioners. The organization remains dedicated to upholding its core values in service to the community.

St. Vincent De Paul Society
Nirmal Rani Mathruvedi

Established in 1994 as Mathru Jyoti within our Diocese, this organization was originally dedicated to the development and nurturing of families. Today, it has evolved into Matruvedi, serving as a comprehensive association for mothers within the Syro-Malabar Church.

Inaugurated on December 8, 2000, in Marangattupilly Parish, Matruvedi recognizes the profound and responsible nature of motherhood as a fundamental strength of the church. The Holy Virgin Mary is revered as the celestial mediator for the organization, fostering a sense of spiritual connection. Mothers, as vessels of God’s love, play an integral role in sharing divine love within their respective communities.

Monthly gatherings, held on third Sundays under the guidance of the Reverend Director Father and in the presence of the Joint Director Sister, serve as platforms for spiritual enlightenment. The organization conducts various activities, including sermons, Mother’s prayer sessions, rosary recitations, Bible meditations, devotional prayer classes, medical assistance, provision of study materials for students, financial aid for housing and marriage, and operates an affordable devotional stall. Matruvedi stands as a testament to the nurturing and supportive role of mothers within the church and the community.

Legion of Mary

The core mission of the Legion of Mary is to establish a global lay missionary organization dedicated to actively engaging in the Church’s battle against the destructive forces in the world. Founded on September 7, 1921, in Dublin, Ireland, by Brother Frank Def, the Legion of Mary is a significant Catholic lay organization with a presence in 173 countries and over two and a half crore members worldwide.

In the Pala Diocese, the organization was initiated by Reverend Father Augustine Chilambekunnel on August 15, 1940, with the approval of Mar James Kalassery. Membership in the Legion of Mary is open to individuals leading exemplary lives, regardless of background or nationality.

In 1982, a branch of the League of Mary was established in Marangattupilly, St. Francis of Assisi Parish. The group engages in activities every Tuesday following the morning Holy Mass, standing in close communion with the Blessed Virgin Mary and participating in intercessory prayers for the parish and the world at large. This organization stands as a beacon for those dedicated to the apostolic mission of service within the Church.

Franciscan Almaya Sabha
Franciscan Almaya Sabha

The Franciscan Church, also known as the Third Church, was established by St. Francis of Assisi for those leading a family life, with the mission of revitalizing the world through evangelism. Emulating Jesus in humility and crucifixion, and driven by the fervor of God’s love, its members are often referred to as the “second Christ.” Pope Gregory IX canonized the Franciscan Church in 1221, affirming its significance.

The Franciscan friars, comprising both brothers and sisters, embrace a life of penitence, answering God’s call to elucidate the Church’s teachings and infuse life with the spirit of St. Francis. The lay congregation aims to empower its members to embody Franciscan values, encompassing remedial life, simple living, embracing suffering, facing death, fostering a brotherhood of faith, championing the mission of peace, environmental love, and more.

In Marangatupilli St. Francis of Assisi Parish, the Franciscan lay congregation commenced activities in 1895, currently comprising 26 members. Regular special prayers are conducted collectively on the second Friday after the second Holy Mass, fostering a sense of spiritual unity. Additionally, the congregation provides financial assistance to support eligible girls in marriage.

Charismatic Intercessory Prayer

Engaging in the transformative power of Charismatic intercessory prayer, our parish gathers every Sunday from 2 pm to 3:50 pm, drawing inspiration from the empowering words, “And when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, you will receive power, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samariah and to the ends of the earth.”

Under the esteemed leadership, encouragement, and prayers of our respected vicar, this prayer session serves as a source of strength, fostering community resilience. The Divine Mercy Liturgy held every Thursday further contributes to awakening and anointing within family groups and other organizational activities, propelling the parish forward in the right direction.

Active participation in parish liturgies, collaboration with devotional organizations, and engagement in philanthropic activities exemplify the commitment of community participants who serve as positive role models. Through prayer, sacrifice, and sharing during the challenging period of Covid-19, group members consistently bring awareness and hope to both the parish and the wider community.

Strategically aligned with subzones and zones, these activities are meticulously organized, emphasizing the collective goal of self-preservation and the well-being of many.


SMYM commonly refers to “Syro Malabar Youth Movement.” The Syro-Malabar Catholic Church is one of the major Eastern Catholic Churches based in India, and its Youth Movement aims to engage and empower young members of the Syro-Malabar community. The Syro-Malabar Youth Movement focuses on fostering spiritual growth, encouraging active participation in the Church, and promoting social and cultural activities among the youth. The movement often involves a range of events, including spiritual retreats, educational programs, cultural celebrations, and social outreach initiatives, providing a platform for young members to connect, grow in faith, and contribute to the broader community.

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