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In Marangattupilly Parish, chapels are special places for us to pray and feel close to God. They are scattered around the parish, each with its own unique meaning. The Adoration Convent is where dedicated sisters pray and help our community grow spiritually. These places are like small, sacred homes for our parish family.

Infant Jesus Kurisupally, Kunukkumpara

2004, the foundation stone of the Kunukumpara church was laid by Reverend Francis Paraplakalachan when he was the vicar. In 2005, Mar Joseph Kallarangat, bishop of Pala did its blessing. This Kurishupalli also serves the spiritual needs of many people in the nearby Kadaplamattam, Mannakkanad, Elakkad, and Marangatupilly parishes. The feast of child Jesus is celebrated end of January as the feast of Kunukkumpara Kurishupally.

St. Kochuthressia Kurisupally, Marangattupilly Town

1931, in commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the Synod of Ephesus, a cross was erected in the market square and the foundation of the chapel was laid in the name of Kochuthressia. In 1960, Kurishupalli was renovated and built. The feast of Kochuthressia is celebrated on October 1.

Adoration Convent

Sisters of the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (SABS): A Brief Overview

Origin and History: Founded on 8th December 1908 by Venerable Bishop Thomas Kurialacherry, the congregation emerged from his profound Eucharistic experience. The mission was to make the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament known, loved, and adored universally. Mother Mary Francisca de Chantal (Philomina Vallayil) became the first member and co-foundress.

Charism: The SABS is dedicated to the devotion of the Holy Eucharist, fostering a deep relationship with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Apostolates: Eucharistic Apostolate holds prime importance, with daily adoration for the salvation of souls. The congregation engages in educational institutions, healthcare, and social services, reflecting their commitment to Gospel values.

Growth and Development: Originating in Champakulam, the congregation expanded across Kerala, achieving Pontifical status in 1968. Responding to the call for evangelization, SABS initiated mission centers outside Kerala in 1965. With over 4,500 members in 22 provinces and 1 region, it is now extending globally, including Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Kenya, Tanzania, Nepal, the U.S.A, Brazil, and Ecuador.

Corpus Christi Province North-East: Established in 1965, SABS ventured into the North-East, spreading their Charism in Manipur and Nagaland. The growth in the region led to the formation of candidates from the North-East, fostering over a hundred sisters from the local tribes. The province, known as Corpus Christi Province, serves across 8 states and 15 Dioceses.

SABS Mission House – Adoration Convent Marangattupilly: Originally part of Christ Raj Province Pala, the Adoration Convent Marangattupilly became a mission house of Corpus Christi Province in 1981. Serving zealously in the parish, the convent actively participates in various apostolates, particularly emphasizing the Eucharistic Apostolate.

The Adoration Congregation, now reaching international dimensions, continues to uphold its vision and dreams, meeting the challenges of the present century.

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