Marangattupilly Parish Church, a spiritual haven nestled in the heart of the community, stands as a symbol of faith and unity. With roots dating back to its founding, the church has evolved into a vibrant center for worship, fostering the spiritual growth of its parishioners. Through the years, it has been a focal point for celebrations, prayers, and a source of solace for the devoted members of the community.

The first church in Marangattupilly was initiated on July 29, 1828, with Reverend Mannancheri Thomachan overseeing construction. Initially intended for the spiritual needs of people from Andoor, Marangatupilly, Nellithanathumala, Palakkattumala, Mannakkanad, Kurichitthanam, Kudakachira, and Valavoor, the church evolved over time.

The original church, situated 150 yards east of the current one, transformed as Marangattupilly transitioned from an independent parish to Kurishupalli of the Kuravilangad church in 1857. Subsequently, a robust church building and a two-story priest’s house were erected, along with the present cemetery to the west.

Dedicated to Saint Francis Xavier, the church renovation was led by the Ittiyekkattu family, and Reverend Father Francis Ittiyekatt served as its first priest, offering the initial Divine Sacrifice in 1861. He died on May 6, 1864, and after his death the said vicarage was pulled down and the place where he was buried was later used as a cemetery church.

A third church, constructed with parishioners’ collaboration, emerged 50 yards west of the current site, honoring Saint Francis of Assisi. Celebrations primarily revolved around Saint Francis Xavier, with comparatively subdued acknowledgment of the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi as the foundation day. Eventually, due to unspecified reasons, the lower church, the church site, and two acres of land were relinquished to the Kuravilangad church.

In 1887, Bishop Carlos Lavigne took charge of the Kottayam Mission, and in 1888, he and Personal Secretary Rev. Father Richard stayed in Mannanam. This context prompted 50 parish representatives to submit a mass petition, seeking the restoration of Marangatupilli Parish. Originally an independent parish, Marangatupilli officially regained parish status in 1888, marking its branching out with the Kuravilangad church.

The present Church is being built

In 1911, Reverend Kuriakose, the administrator and Vicar General of Changanassery, laid the foundation stone for Puthanpalli, directed by Bishop Mar Thoma Kuryalassery. The church construction began under the guidance of Father Pulukiil Varki, with notable progress made during Bishop Kuryalassery’s visits in 1913 and 1920. Significant events followed, including the erection of a gold-plated cross, the blessing of Madbeha, and the demolition of the old church in 1928.

Further developments in 1931 included the installation of a cross in the marketplace and the foundation of a chapel named after Saint Kochuthresya. Reverend Pulikil, overseeing the new church construction from start to finish, passed away in 1945. The High School building, vicarage, and cemetery chapel were constructed in subsequent years.

Branching out in 1959, Palakkattumala Church became a new parish. While in 1961, an Adoration Convent branch was established in Marangattupilly parish. Noteworthy progress continued with the construction of a shopping complex in 1980, enhancing Marangatupally town’s development.

In 1988, a stone cross was donated, and various projects, including a new LP school building and open-air stage, were completed. The beautification efforts included a new mondal, a replacement of the flagpole, and the completion of the surrounding wall. The foundation stone for Kunukkumpara Church, a new Kurishupalli, was laid in the tenure of Father Francis Paraplakkan, and its completion in 2005 extended services beyond the parish.


Father Sebastian Alapattukunnell, appointed vicar in 2011, prioritized the revitalization of educational institutions. His contributions included elevating the LP School’s status, transforming the nursery school, and enhancing the church’s spiritual environment. Father George Vanchipuraikkal succeeded him, completing ongoing projects and achieving recognition for an organic vegetable garden initiative

In 2021, Father Joseph Njarakkattil took charge as Vicar, focusing on the spiritual growth of the parish. His dedication to improving the school’s infrastructure resulted in significant progress, marked by the foundation stone laid for a new school building on August 4, 2022, by Mar Jacob Murikan. The ongoing construction underscores the shared commitment to enhancing the educational environment and overall development.

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