Educational institutions in Marangattupilly Parish serve as vital hubs, fostering intellectual growth, community development, and cultural preservation. Beyond academic education, these institutions empower residents with skills, promote social cohesion, and contribute to the overall progress of the village. They play a key role in shaping leaders, preserving local traditions, and enhancing the quality of life in the community.

St. Thomas HS Marangattupilly

Nestled amidst towering coconut trees, this distinguished center of knowledge has risen to prominence globally through the dedicated efforts and visionary leadership of the local community and the serving priests. The high school, established in 1951 within the parish, saw its inaugural batch graduate in 1954. The school, graced with ample grounds, underwent renovations in 1994, and in 2013, it embraced the intellectual realm of the modern era. In 2011, a multimedia lab was introduced, further integrating technology into the educational experience.

Recognizing the importance of holistic development, the institution emphasizes spiritual, artistic, sports, and literary activities. Alongside these, organizations such as Scouts and Guides, Red Cross, and Little Kytes actively contribute to physical well-being and mental health.

A total of 18 staff members, including the headmaster, along with 5 support staff, are dedicated to nurturing the spiritual education of approximately 450 students in this esteemed institution. Notably, the school’s alumni have made significant contributions to the realms of arts, social literature, and the enrichment of knowledge and culture.


St. Thomas LP School Marangattupilly

St. Thomas LP School stands as an eminent center of education, illuminating the educational legacy of St. Francis of Assisi. With a century of dedication to public education, the school embodies the educational vision of Pala Diocese, fostered by the unwavering commitment of priests serving in Marangattupilly Parish, dedicated teachers, and a supportive community. Established in 1920, the institution underwent renovations and saw the construction of a new building in 1996 under the leadership of Reverend Joseph Vadayattukuzhiyil Vicar.

Facing challenges amid the rise of English medium schools and a decline in student enrollment, Reverend Sebastian Allapatkunnel, the then vicar, took the initiative to integrate the worship-owned BKM Nursery School into the LP school. Starting its function as a pre-primary school on the second floor in June 2012, it played a crucial role in retaining students. Witnessing a surge in enrollment, Reverend George Vanchipura, the vicar in 2016, collaborated with the community to construct a new building, facilitating the expansion of classrooms. This effort included the separation of the pre-primary school from the main school building, marking a significant step forward.

St. Thomas Pre-Primary School

In commemoration of the birth centenary of Mar Thomas Kurialachery, the revered founder of the cult community and the inaugural Bishop of Changanassery Diocese, a nursery school was initiated as an integral component of the Math. Marangattupilly Parish sought to provide foundational knowledge and experiences to all children. The construction of the school building was successfully completed on July 25, 1972. Reverend Fr. Jacob Tahithotathil, then Vicar, officiated the groundbreaking ceremony and inaugurated the Bishop Kurialaserry Memorial (BKM) Nursery School.

Over time, as the number of children in the parish’s LP school gradually declined, a decision was made, prompted by Vicar Fr. Sebastian Alappattukunnel, to integrate the nursery school into the LP school. Consequently, it underwent a name change to BKM Nursery School and seamlessly continued its operations as St. Thomas Pre-Primary School, ensuring its continued service to the parish community.

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